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Humidity Control

South Florida residents are familiar with humidity and how it makes a warm day feel even warmer. What surprises some people is that high indoor humidity also makes you feel warmer, and lowering indoor humidity may reduce energy bills.

High humidity levels in the home may be the result of poor ventilation, defective HVAC equipment, ductwork leaks or other inefficiencies. High humidity may lead to mold and mildew growth, rot, health problems and other negative consequences.

With proper humidity, homeowners may feel comfortable at higher temperatures, so by reducing humidity, homeowners may actually set their thermostat to higher temperatures without sacrificing comfort.

Lower indoor humidity.

If properly sized, air conditioners remove humidity. Most thermostats do not account for humidity, meaning it could read one temperature, but the environment may feel warmer due to humidity. An air conditioner that is too large may reach desired temperature quicker, but will not run long enough to effectively remove humidity; you may then set the thermostat lower to make up for the increased humidity.

If your air conditioner is properly sized, it may run a bit longer, but will help lower humidity and cool the home more easily. A trustworthy contractor will take the proper measurements and consider other factors such as window placement when providing an estimate.

Dehumidifiers are available to help lower humidity and many air conditioning systems include humidity control features. There are also a few simple household adjustments that may reduce humidity.

Keep exhaust fans on while showering and while cooking to reduce humidity, and seal windows with caulking and weather stripping to reduce humidity. Another step to reduce humidity is ensuring your home is properly ventilated. Also make sure your dryer vents outdoors to control humidity.

Humidity levels that are too low may also have negative effects. Dry skin, respiratory problems and sore throat are common health symptoms of low humidity. Lower humidity is more common in the winter months. If your humidity is too low, consider a humidifier to raise humidity levels.

Call us for more information about indoor humidity and what you may do to reduce humidity.


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